Be Out There's Blogger Support: The Founding Mothers

Be Out There Founding Mothers
Be Out There partners with many wonderful, influential bloggers to inspire families to get outside. Key to this work are The Founding Mothers, a diverse group of women who personally understand and care deeply about the challenges and benefits of getting families outside and experiencing nature. As part of a connected community, these women advice Be Out There and help promote outdoor activities through a variety of new media networks. 

Plus... they're a hilarious, warm, generous, savvy, and informative group of women!

Meet the Founding Mothers

We hope you'll enjoy hearing from moms who get it! These women all agree, kids need to spend more time outside, and understand first-hand that making it happen is easier some days than others.

Amie Hurst Adams, the DC Moms Facebook
"Mom, political involvement consultant, photographer, blogger, but really a teenager trapped in the body of a 40 year old woman."

Holly Ambrose, Tropic of Home and Family Facebook
"Just north of the Tropic of Cancer lies the Tropic of Mom, where life, parenting, and the pursuit of happiness can lead to craziness."

Molly Balint, MommyCoddle Facebook
"I write about life alongside with my husband, raising four little girls in a fixer-upper farmhouse in rural Maryland."

Kristin Sundin Brandt, Manic Mommies Facebook
"Working mom geek with two kids, one husband, too many jobs, and too little time, but ready for anything."

Leighann Calentine, D-Mom Blog Facebook
"The sweet life with a diabetic child. We count carbs, carry juice boxes, and are always on call. But life isn't all about diabetes!"

Veronique Christensen, Little Elephants
"I write mostly about crafts, food, and fun."

Wendy Cook, Mother Rising and Mighty Girl Art Facebook
"Artist/Mother, shares her days through photography, journal entries, and inspiring quotes, so that her son will have a diary of their life together."

Asha Dornfest, Parenthacks Facebook
"We swap money, time, and sanity-saving tips that makes you slap your forehead and wonder: Why didn't I think of that?"

Anna Fader, Mommy Poppins Facebook
"What to do, see, learn, play, make, read, party, splash, eat, run amok and envy in New York with kids."

Ashley Waldvogel Gaddy, Fletcher and Lola
"Mother of 2, artist, college professor, wannabe photographer. Just tryin' to keep it all together and have a little fun in the process!"

Tracey Henry, Suburban Diva
"Suburban Diva's look from the real side of the picket fence. Writer and professional bull rider to four children and one husband in sunny Florida."

Dana Hilmer, LifestyleMom Facebook
"Founder of LifestyleMom™, Inc., a marketing and media company dedicated to helping women live a healthier, simpler and more passionate life while raising a family."

Jennifer James, Mom Bloggers Club Facebook
"Founder of Mom Bloggers Club, blogger since 2004 and Twitterer since 2007."

Rachel Matthews, A Southern Fairytale Facebook
"Life: Southern Style; Food, Family, Photography as seen through the eyes and heart of a Texas Mom."

Emily McKhann, Facebook
"Co-founder of and TheMotherhood Creative, author, long-time blogger, believer in the inherent greatness of moms online and mom of two girls."

Kim Moldofsky, The Maker Mom Facebook
"A member of the MOB (mother of boys) writes about raising gifted children, marketing to moms and life as she knows it."

Cooper Munroe, Facebook
"Co-founder of and believes with all her heart in the infinite power of a community of moms."

Debi Pfitzenmaier, SA Busy Kids Facebook
"Life is too short to not go to camp."

Liz Thompson, This Full House Facebook
"So, what's it like, 6 people living in a 7 room house...besides 2 darned much laundry, I mean?"


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