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National Association of Elementary School Principals

The National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP), founded in 1921, is a professional organization of elementary and middle school principals who serve 33 million children in grades Pre-K-8 throughout the United States, Canada, and overseas. NAESP has devoted a section of their website to Green Schools to help principals determine how to get started with school greening and how to use it to improve student learning and engagement.



NASSP logo

National Association of Secondary School Principals

In existence since 1916, the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) is the preeminent organization of and national voice for middle level and high school principals, assistant principals, and aspiring school leaders from across the United States and more than 45 countries around the world. The mission of NASSP is to promote excellence in school leadership.


Earth Networks

As a provider of comprehensive atmospheric data for nearly 20 years, Earth Networks is Taking the Pulse of the Planet with the world’s largest weather observation, lightning detection, and greenhouse gas monitoring networks and is establishing a network for collecting data within the planetary boundary layer. The company’s popular WeatherBug website, desktop application and mobile apps for major smartphone platforms provide real-time neighborhood-level weather and advanced severe weather alerts to millions of consumers. Enterprise solutions from Earth Networks enable organizations and markets, including energy and utilities, agriculture, schools, sports and recreation, emergency operations and government entities, to safeguard lives, prepare for weather and climate events and improve business operations. Founded in 1993, Earth Networks (www.earthnetworks.com) is headquartered in the Washington, D.C. area with additional locations in Mountain View, Calif.; New York, NY; Milan, Italy and a local presence in 50 countries worldwide. The National Wildlife Federation and Eco-Schools USA have partnered with Earth Networks to enhance STEM education, promote environmental literacy, and increase awareness of sustainability issues.



Move Out! inspires a lifetime in the outdoors and bridges the gap between interest and action - one video at a time.  Their goal is to increase access to the outdoors for people aged 12-18.  They provide resources for free or low-cost gear rental and excursions, a venue to share photos and videos of time spent outside, and run occasional photo and video contests to encourage more outdoor activity. NWF's  Eco-Schools USA is partnering with Move Out! on their first video contest.



Kansas Green Schools

Kansas Green Schools of Excellence

The Kansas Green Schools Network provides educational opportunities for preK-12 schools that increase awareness and understanding of environmental interrelationships that impact public health and our society, and that promote responsible environmental stewardship practices. Their goal is to foster an appreciation and understanding of air and water quality, climate change, energy, reduction and recycling of solid waste, and wildlife habitat. Eco-Schools USA has partnered with Kansas Green Schools of Excellence and PLT GreenSchools! to co-certify schools.



Maryland Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education

The Maryland Association for Environmental Outdoor Education (MAEOE) encourages, educates and supports Maryland educators to inspire the people of Maryland, by increasing understanding of the natural resources that exist in the state and engaging adults and children to act responsibly as they enjoy being outside. MAEOE is recipient of the Governor’s Smart Green and Growing Award. MAEOE has certified 454, 20% of all public and private schools in Maryland since the program began in 1997. NWF has partnered with MAEOE to co-certify schools through Eco-Schools USA and the Maryland Green Schools program. 


McGraw-Hill Education

McGraw-Hill Education is a global provider of educational materials, information and solutions for the Pre-K through 12th grade, Assessment, Higher Education and Professional markets. Being one of the few leaders of the information age whose origins date back to the industrial revolution, McGraw-Hill Education has established themselves as as a leading provider of print and online solutions to help teachers teach and students learn. Environmental responsibility is an integral part of McGraw-Hills overall corporate citizenship, and they strive to minimize their environmental footprint by closely monitoring, and developing strategies to reduce, the environmental impact of their office facilities. McGraw-Hill has partnered with the National Wildlife Federation and NewPage Corporation to pilot a texbook recycling program in Minnesota and Wisconsin.


NewPage Corporation

NewPage Corporation is the largest coated paper manufacturer in North America, producing papers used for corporate collateral, commercial printing, magazines, catalogs, books, coupons, inserts, newspapers, packaging applications and direct mail advertising. They have committed to actively supporting responsible forestry practices around the world, and have begun looking at the practices used in their paper production that, when scaled internationally, can begin to improve our shared environment.  NewPage Corporation has partnered with the National Wildlife Federation and McGraw-Hill to pilot a texbook recycling program in Minnesota and Wisconsin.


Amgen logo -  blue


Amgen, a human therapeutics company, is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen and to environmental sustainability. They have established forward-thinking programs to ensure environmental compliance, with programs that target conservation of energy and resources, sustainable building designs, waste reduction, recycling, and the use of recycled or renewed products. Both regulatory agencies and local communities where Amgen operates have recognized the Company’s environmental performance. Amgen is also a sponsor of the Eco-Schools USA program, enabling us to reach out to schools in the Seattle, WA area.


EcoMyths Alliance

Eco-Myths Alliance busts environmental myths to make it easier to be green. They do this by calling upon an all-star alliance of experts from some of the most respected nature institutions around to provide just the facts. Naturally. They help people make the best green decision for themselves, their families, and nature.


Howard Ruby

Mr. Howard Ruby

Wildlife images featured on Climate Classroom Kids (part of the Climate Change Pathway) were taken by Howard Ruby. Mr. Ruby is a nature photographer, Chairman of Oakwood Worldwide, and a supporter of the National Wildlife Federation. He has spent years traveling around the world to photograph the many amazing wild animals and wild places seen on this site. For his efforts, Mr. Ruby was named the 2007 Conservation Photographer of the Year by NWF. He is passionate about using his photos in creative ways to teach children and adults about the effects of climate change and he has been the driving force behind the creative development of this new website.

Click on the photo to read our interview with Mr. Howard Ruby and see photos of him on location. You can also visit his website, www.howardruby.com to see a preview of other photos that will soon be featured on our site.


Facing the Future

Facing the Future empowers teachers with the resources they need to ignite their students' interest in complex global issues while helping them achieve academically. Their approach is positive and solutions-oriented, and their business model is systemic and leveraged: Facing the Future programming reaches hundreds of thousands of students each year at a cost of less than $2 per student. The National Wildlife Federation has partnered with Facing the Future to recommend lessons and activities related to the Eco-Schools USA pathways.


 HSBC Eco-Schools USA Climate Initiative

HSBC, the "world's local bank", and the Eco-Schools International Program are teaming up to empower students to tackle carbon emissions at school. HSBC employees are participating in this initiative as volunteers, from fourteen countries around the world including HSBC North America in the United States.



Green Living Project

Green Living Project is a media production and marketing company focused on documenting, promoting, and supporting unique, cutting-edge models of sustainability from around the world. Through award-winning multi-media content (HD video, photography), GLP educates and inspires people on sustainability initiatives (e.g. responsible tourism, wildlife conservation, community development, education, and food). To date, GLP has documented 60+ unique and successful sustainability-related projects across 17 countries in Africa, South America, Central America and North America. Additionally, Green Living Project’s Education Program brings sustainability education into the classroom by inspiring teachers and students with sustainability films, curriculum, presentations, student filmmaking and other unique educational opportunities. 

Recycle Across America™
Recycle Across America™ (RAA) is a non-profit solution initiated and funded by the Environmental Advancement Foundation®, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to delivering society-wide solutions that eliminate public confusion, stimulate the environmental economy and expedite progress.  Recycle Across America™ is specifically focused on introducing solutions that make recycling more simple, comprehensive, effective and prevalent in the United States.   Recycle Across America™ represents what can be accomplished when an industry unites to deliver simple solutions that have a large and measurable impact on society for the greater good. Click here to learn more about the partnership between Recycle Across America™ and Eco-Schools USA.


The Climate Project US

The Climate Project US is a movement established by Al Gore in the wake of interest following the launch of the film An Inconvenient Truth. Its aim is to educate and challenge citizens and governments into action against the growing crisis of global warming. Its first initiative was the training of 1,000 citizens across the US to present the information delivered in An Inconvenient Truth to audiences across the country. The National Wildlife Federation was The Climate Project's training partner and developed a high school curriculum based on An Inconvenient Truth. This curriculum is included in the Eco-Schools USA Climate Change Pathway.


SunWise Logo

Sunwise School Program

Eco-Schools USA has partnered with the Sunwise School Program, an environmental and health education program that aims to teach children and their caregivers how to protect themselves from overexposure to the sun. Through the use of classroom-, school-, and community-based components, SunWise seeks to develop sustained sun-safe behaviors in schoolchildren.

Recognizing the many issues schools are asked to address daily, SunWise was developed with the needs of schools and educators in mind. The program was designed to provide maximum flexibility elements and can be used as stand-alone teaching tools or to complement existing school curricula. The time commitment necessary to implement SunWise is minimal, while the potential payoff in lower skin cancer rates - and other health benefits in the future - is high.


FTL Logo

FTL Solar

FTL Solar is the world's leading manufacturer of integrated solar structures and fabrics. FTL Solar in association with NWF and Warner Bros. recently donated a FTL Solar PowerMod, a freestanding 10X10 self-sustaining solar powered structure to the Boston Latin School, Boston, MA for winning the Eco-Schools USA "Green Wishes" competition. This innovative structure integrates a solar array capable of turning sunlight into electricity and producing 1 kilowatt hour per day. The Boston Latin School plans on utilizing their new Solar PowerMod as part of their developing Green Roof Initiative. Similar structures are in use as relief shelters, command centers, military bases, medical units, temporary housing, research posts and energy pods for small villages as a source of sustainable and secure renewable power and shelter.


Reusit logo


Reuseit.com has empowered hundreds of thousands of customers to reduce, reuse & save since its launch in 2003. It's a place where you will find our family of "best of the best" reusables available in many categories so you can eliminate disposables from every part of your life -- from bags and bottles to lunch, household items and beyond. An authentic, triple-bottom-line company, reuseit.com supports Fair Trade Practices and donates one percent of all sales to environmental causes through 1% For the Planet. To date, reuseit.com has empowered its 250,000+ customers to eliminate nearly 1 billion use-and-toss items.


Helios_LogoHELiOS Project

KyotoUSA is an all volunteer, grassroots-driven organization committed to reducing fossil fuel usage in every K-12 school in California. They are doing this through the HELiOS project which promotes energy efficiency improvements and encourages school districts to install renewable energy systems, such as solar panels - often at no added cost to the school district. Learn more about the HELiOS project, and how solar may be a viable solution at your school.


If you’re interested in being an Eco-Schools USA partner or supporter, please contact our Corporate Relations team at corprelations@nwf.org.


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NASA and Eco-Schools USA
Earth from Space (Source: NASA)

Eco-Schools USA is proud to have collaborated with NASA on the creation a climate change curriculum. Learn more here >>

Green Ribbon Schools
Dept of Education 

The U.S. Department of Education announced in April 2011 the creation of the Green Ribbon Schools program to recognize schools that are creating healthy and sustainable learning environments and teaching environmental literacy. Click here to learn more!