New York Eco-Schools

Eco-Schools USA in New York: Helping to Create a More Sustainable State!

Powered by students, teachers, and principals, the National Wildlife Federation’s New York Eco-Schools are advancing environmental solutions to help create a more environmentally healthy and sustainable state.



Liz Soper, Associate Director, Eco-Schools USA

What's Happening at New York Eco-Schools?

Green TeamJennifer Prescott, at PS 333, is one of New York City's 1,700 sustainability coordinators who are working with students through the Eco-Schools USA program to reduce waste, increase recycling and save energyLearn more>>






 Green Spirit Week

Sleepy Hollow Middle School has learned how to go green on a tight budget and spread their sustainability knowledge and awareness throughout the community.  Learn more>>





To check out which schools are already registered and what they are accomplishing in New York, go to the comprehensive Eco-Schools USA map and click on the state of New York.

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Find Your Pathways
Using the Seven Step Framework to guide your efforts, Eco-Schools provides you the flexibility to determine which of the ten pathways to sustainability will best help you and your students meet their goals.  Learn more about the ten pathways.

Earth Networks operates the largest real-time, neighborhood-level weather monitoring and lightning detection network and delivers severe weather alerts when minutes matter.

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