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How much carbon do we produce for each student we educate? How different is one school’s footprint from another? Launching at the Clinton Global Initiative on September 21st, 2010, the Zerofootprint Challenge is a global initiative encouraging schools around the world to measure, compare and change their footprints. Zerofootprint provides the software that allows schools to benchmark their impact and provides a platform for students to challenge one another to reduce. The Zerofootprint Challenge will enable students to measure, compare and change the environmental impact of their school.

“Measurement and benchmarking are critical to any endeavor that seeks to create meaningful change,” said Zerofootprint’s Founder and CEO, Dr. Ron Dembo. “Our goal is to make it easy, fun and meaningful for kids to tackle climate change and discover new ways to reduce their energy consumption,”

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Alone, buildings represent almost half of the world’s footprint. By targeting reduction efforts at school buildings, students around the world can take climate change into their own hands and make a real and meaningful difference to the global environmental footprint. When a school joins the Zerofootprint Challenge, it gains access to an easy-to-use online application that helps determine its current footprint and enables direct comparisons with other schools. In an active online forum, participants can view results and share experiences and ongoing progress.



Eco-Schools USA Partnership

Eco-Schools across the country can utilize the Zerofootprint application to measure, compare and track their environmental footprint.  The Challenge can help schools complete their audit as part of the energy and climate change pathways, while the online tools can help schools monitor their progress. Best of all, you can locate other Eco-Schools in your neighborhood, state, or across the country and compete against them to see who can reduce their environmental footprint the most!

In return, schools taking part in the Zerofootprint Challenge can utilize Eco-Schools USA as a tool to discover how to reduce their school's environmental footprint. Eco-Schools USA's recommended educational curriculum, focus on school/community awareness, and engagement of students, parents and teachers can help schools make real progress.

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The U.S. Department of Education announced in April 2011 the creation of the Green Ribbon Schools program to recognize schools that are creating healthy and sustainable learning environments and teaching environmental literacy. Click here to learn more!