11-14 Years

For Students Ages 11-14

Eco-Schools Games and Quizzes
Find games and quizzes that will help you learn about sustainability and conservation while having fun. 




Eco-Schools Outdoor Adventures
Find information and resources that will help you get outside exploring nature.




Eco-Schools Preparing the Future
Learn about green jobs and how you can turn your concern about the environment into a future career.




Students in Action Icon
Read stories about students helping their schools go green. Get inspired!




Eco-Schools Service Learning
Read information to help you identify service learning opportunities in your community.

Nature Notebook

 Ranger Rick with binoculars

Check out the latest Nature Notebook!
Visit the Nature Notebook archives to download copies.

Schoolyard Habitats

Shoolyard Habitat

See how educators and students can attract and support local wildlife in their Schoolyard Habitats®.