NWF Magazines and Media Connecting Kids and Nature

National Wildlife Federation staff are pros at connecting kids to incredible wildlife experiences through the pages of our award-winning publications and our TV and film ventures. More recently, NWF is working to make smart investments into bringing Ranger Rick and his friends to new types of media, creating wildlife games and activities for tablets and mobile devices.

Nature Magazines for Kids 

Sticky BusinessRanger Rick
Ranger Rick is an award-winning, photo filled nature magazine designed for kids ages 7-12. Named for NWF's raccoon mascot, Ranger Rick has connected kids to nature for decades through the magazine and, more recently, online activities and mobile and iPad apps.

Ranger Rick Jr.
Ranger Rick Jr. magazine is specially designed for 4- to 7-year-olds. It is filled with fun activities, simple stories and wild animals that developing readers love. The magazine features the characters Ricky Raccoon and Sammy the Skunk, who help children explore 36 pages of advertising-free, age-appropriate animal content. 

Exploring Nature on Television 

Tune in to Wild Animal Baby Explorers!

Wild Animal Baby Explorers
National Wildlife Federation produces the television series Wild Animal Baby Explorers, a show designed for pre-school aged children that combines loveable 3-D animated characters with high-definition footage of real-life animals. Every episode is packed with animal and nature facts presented from a child’s perspective. Wild Animal Baby Explorers airs in the U.S. on local PBS stations and has been picked up internationally. 

•    Wild Animal Baby Explorers (English)
•    Animalitos-Salvajes-Exploradores-Television (en Español) 

Mobile and Tablet Nature Games and Apps

Click the Birdie iPad app

National Wildlife Federation is constantly working to evolve how we deliver wildlife and nature connections to kids, including recent ventures into mobile and tablet applications, and partnerships to bring Ranger Rick to digital subscription services like the Nook.

Check out a few of our latest nature apps for kids:


The Hobbit - coming to theaters December 14, 2012

Creating Educator Guides for Feature Films 

NWF partners with major motion pictures to provide educational guides and activities that are distributed in classrooms across the country. The guides and activities build upon themes from the movies to increase awareness of the need for wildlife conservation and staying connected with nature.

Movies we’ve partnered with >>


How Else is NWF Connecting Kids and Nature?

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Every Kid in a Park
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