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Northern Saw-whet Owl

Birds Coping with Chronic Clamor

By Mark Wexler

A growing body of research reveals how noise pollution alters avian behavior.

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Birds and Birding Articles

Success Stories

Home on the Sage

A historic effort to conserve sagebrush habitat helps keep the greater sage-grouse off the U.S. endangered species list.

Habitat Tips

Choose the Right Birdhouse

Early spring is an ideal time to install birdhouses on your property.

Bird Behavior

Common Loon by Sally Stevens

Secret Lives of Loons

The aftermath of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill has spawned one of the first in-depth studies of these iconic birds in their winter habitat.



Malheur Refuge on the Rebound

One year after a destructive, armed takeover, this key western bird oasis is reawakening.


Dark-eyed Junco by Nancy Brandt

Make Winter Your Top Birding Season

By providing the food, water and shelter birds need, homeowners can enjoy some of their best backyard birding during cold months.

Bird Photography

Nesting Birds Caught in the Act

From courtship to nesting to rearing young, photographs from our members capture magic moments in the lives of breeding birds.

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