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The Sacred Grounds™ program recognizes congregations, houses of worship, and faith communities in the Great Lakes and Mid-Atlantic regions, who create wildlife habitat, actively link faith practices and caring for the environment, and disseminate these practices throughout the community.

Across a beautiful mosaic of diverse beliefs, denominations, and geographies, many places of worship share a deep spiritual commitment to steward the Earth in responsible and life-sustaining ways. These groups are leading the way to create wildlife habitat and educate others in environmental practices. As respected community leaders they are uniquely positioned to inspire their congregation members, neighboring congregations, and the greater interfaith community to advance stewardship practices.

To earn Sacred Grounds™ certification, houses of worship are required to conduct outreach within their own congregation and into surrounding communities through workshops, garden tours, native plant sales, and other forms of education. These efforts contribute to the development of networks of faith communities and community partners working together to build healthy habitats and communities.

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Swamp Milkweed: Tom Potterfield

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Native plants will thrive in the soils, moisture, and weather of your region.

Bronze Frog: Julia Bartosh

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