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Get ready to registered,  let us walk you through the steps

Step 1: Define your Community

Take a moment to think about what type of certification you may wish to start with for your community. 


Defining how large of a population you may wish to start with is critical.  For large cities, with populations over 100,000, you may wish to start with a few key neighborhoods and then build neighborhood by neighborhood till you can certify your whole city. 

For others, if you have a good team of individuals and organizations that can help support the work and goals of certification, you may wish to start with a larger population site.

Your community can be defined by zip codes, city/state, county or variations of these three markers.  NWF staff can assist you in helping to define the best geographical boundaries for your community.

Email us to learn how many properties may already be certified in your area as it may help you define your community and project.

Your goals of which you will need to achieve to become certified are benchmarked on how you define your community project.

Step 2: Build a team of volunteers or organizations to help you

Building a team of individuals and/or organizations (city, town, non-profit and others) that can help support the work is important. 

You will wish to have one  to three key leaders that can spearhead the project.  You will also wish to have other volunteers that can assist in accomplishing the work along the way. 

Generally, it does take between 2-5 years to complete the goals to become certified.  Partly, this timeframe is influenced the on-the-ground support you have to complete the project.

Step 3: Complete registration and pay the registration fee ($75)

Complete the registration of your community. 

To register your community, please have the following information available when you are ready to complete the form.

Once you have registered, you will receive an array of resources and downloadable materials that will help you with your project.  As you work on your goals to get property owners to become certified, conduct community service projects or raise awareness in your community about your project, NWF staff members, as well as the network of registered and certified communities, are ready and available to help and provide advice.

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Community Certification Steps
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