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How to Certify Your Community

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Step 1: Define and Register your Community

To register your community, you will need to complete a registration form, send in a $75 registration fee, and complete a profile on your community.  Once your community is officially registered, National Wildlife Federation will send you all the materials you need to get started.

To start the process, please review the registration guidelines and instructions.

Step 2:  Achieve Goals for Community Projects, Education and Certifications

To achieve certification, Community Wildlife Habitat projects must reach out to their community members and educate them about gardening with wildlife in mind. Community benchmarks are set by your population on what you do to achieve.  NWF does not prescribe specific tasks which have to be accomplished, but gives you guidance and suggestions of what you can do, excluding the amount of property types that need to be certified. This allows flexibility to customize what approaches work best for you. There is a minimum threshold that you need to achieve for certification. 
Some of the ways to earn credits towards becoming certified include: tabling at community events, organizing a native plant sale, hosting a stream cleanup and presenting workshops about gardening for wildlife. In addition, a certain number of homes, schools, businesses and common areas must become National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat™ sites that provide food, water and shelter to raise young for wildlife. Learn more about the benchmarks you need to accomplish in order to become certified.

Step 3: Project Certification

The average time it takes from when the registration application is submitted to when all the requirements are met is about two years.  It will often take less time for a smaller community and a little longer for a larger community. Once all the requirements are met, the community plans its certification ceremony and celebration. There are modest annual goals that must be met to keep the certification active.

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Is your community or a nearby community registered or certified with National Wildlife Federation's national register of Community Wildlife Habitats?  View our registered or certified communities.

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