Every day we use paper — to communicate, to create, to clean. Paper use has a direct connection with global warming because paper comes from trees, and most paper in the United States today comes directly from wood, rather than recycled sources. Every tree that goes into paper is one less tree capturing carbon and providing habitat for wildlife.

National Wildlife Federation has worked hard to increase the amount of recycled paper we use in our magazines and other printed resources. Increasingly other organizations are turning to us to ask for advice on making these changes. So here we go! We hope the resources on this website will inspire you to reduce paper use and choose the right paper to help confront global warming and protect wildlife.

State of Paper Industry


Find retailers that stock Forest Stewardship Council-certified paper

The State of the Paper Industry - Released October 2, 2007 - This report represents the Environmental Paper Network’s effort to identify the most important indicators to use when evaluating the environmental performance of the pulp and paper industry. (1.5 Mb)

Learn more about the Environmental Paper Network which produced this report. NWF is a member.






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