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Volunteer Resources and Materials

National Wildlife Federation strives to provide up-to-date resources and materials for all its volunteers to use in their work on behalf of NWF.  Your service aids us in protecting wildlife for our children’s future.  If you do not see the resource that you are looking for, please contact the Volunteer Service team at

General  Resources
Special Program Resource

Urban Forestry- Climate Preparedness Response (CPR):  The business cards are a companion piece to the online handbook and training for the Urban Forestry CPR program.  Business cards should be distributed to governing officials as an aid assist in helping them create an urban forestry CPR program locally.  Click here to view additional resources for this program.

Order Habitat Printed Materials

National Wildlife Federation provides a variety of selected tip sheets, resource guides and certify wildlife habitat program application to be used by Habitat Stewards, Hosts and Ambassadors in their work.   Click here to order materials or to view the catalog of resources.

Special Events

The following resources assist volunteers and community leaders in how to organize events in their community and provide suggest tips on how to host a successful event.

NWF Volunteers at Work

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