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Snowmen Bookends
Recycle shampoo bottles to make these snowmen bookends to hold up your books.
  • Buttons
  • Ribbon or scraps of fabric
  • Craft glue
  • Googly eyes
  • Acrylic craft paint
  • Sand
  • Two clean and empty plastic shampoo bottles
Step 1
Prepare and Paint Shampoo Bottles

Fill the bottles with sand and tighten the caps. Then soak the bottles in warm water, long enough to easily remove the labels. Dry off the bottles and brush a few coats of white paint on them.

Step 2
Paint Hats

Paint the caps and tops of the bottles as shown in the picture.

Step 3
Make Scarves and Coats

Tie on ribbons or thin strips of fabric. Then glue on buttons, as shown.

Step 4
Make Faces

Glue on wiggle eyes and paint the dotted mouths. Then glue on a red button or an orange clay carrot for a nose. Or, make up your own face designs.

Let your snowmen hold up a few books or just decorate your desk. You’ll never have to worry about them melting!



Craft by Michele Reyzer.

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