Jim Lyon

Jim Lyon

Vice President, Conservation Policy
National Advocacy Center - Washington, DC

As Vice President for Conservation Policy for National Wildlife Federation, I have the honor of working with some of the nation’s most talented conservation policy experts and grassroots activist leaders across the country.  My specific role at NWF is to develop and implement strategies and activities that help NWF achieve its national conservation policy goals, and to represent NWF’s interests with national policy makers, elected officials, the media, and other public arenas. 

I work primarily out of NWF’s National Advocacy Center in Washington DC, but I work closely will all NWF’s field offices, Headquarter staff, and frequently with many NWF state affiliate organizations.  Because conservation advocacy work is often coordinated with other like-minded environmental/conservation organizations, a significant amount of my efforts are focused in working with coalitions and partners.  When multiple groups can align their interests, coordinate their resources, speak collectively, and mobilize their public bases, good things for wildlife and conservation can happen.   

I also serve as a board member to NWF’s political arm, National Wildlife Federation Action Fund.  While the Action Fund is legally separate from NWF, it is an important tool that amplifies NWF’s advocacy punch and capabilities during through the electoral process and in other political opportunities where NWF has limits. 

I have worked in the conservation community for over 30 years and have been employed by several other organizations before coming to NWF.  But the opportunity to begin working for National Wildlife Federation in 1996 was a distinct honor.  NWF has a storied history of conservation leadership for over 70 years.  And NWF’s mainstream membership, common-sense solution-oriented focus, ability to reach out to diverse audiences beyond the green community, and vibrant grassroots base makes it a credible and formidable force for conservation advocacy.  When NWF can make all its various organizational parts work in concert, it has an ability to deep impact in helping move policy makers to do the right thing for wildlife and our natural world.   And part of my job is to help make that happen.

Several years ago, NWF made solving our climate crisis as its highest priority – and rightly so.  Unless our nation begins to rapidly reduce carbon-based emissions and wean itself away from fossil fuels, all the wildlife and conservation achievements we have accomplished over the years  are at risk from what will be the growing impacts of a warming world.   While this can be a daunting challenge, it is THE CONSERVATION FIGHT OF A LIFETIME.  I can think of few other organizations that are better equipped or positioned to help transform our nation to a new energy future that protects wildlife and ensures our children a future.  And I am honored to have an opportunity to play a role in this critically important mission.

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