Melinda Koslow

Melinda Koslow

Regional Campaign Manager, Safeguards Program
Great Lakes Regional Center - Ann Arbor, MI

Melinda Koslow is a Regional Campaign Manager for the Great Lakes Regional Center.

She is responsible for the NWF Great Lakes Safeguards Program. As the first manager at the Center dedicated solely to Safeguarding wildlife, she is working to bridge the scientific findings and policy actions necessary for effective global warming adaptation. Her work includes making the case for natural resources adaptation, developing strategies, and building the networks necessary that safeguard natural and human systems in the region against the impacts of global warming. She also works with other NWF campaigns and affiliates, finding a practical way for them to integrate global warming. In collaboration with the entire Safeguards team, NWF has become the leading expert on climate-ready restoration practices and policies for the 110-organization Healing Our Waters - Great Lakes Coalition. 

Before joining NWF, she worked as a research scientist at the Cooperative Institute on Environmental Science (CIRES) on a multidisciplinary project assessing and planning adaptive practices such as coastal management, urban relocation, and wildlife migration, while also helping to improve weather forecasting for the Arctic city of Barrow, Alaska.

Melinda holds an M.S. degree in Natural Resources from the University of Michigan School of Natural Resources and Environment and a B.A. degree in  Environmental and Atmospheric Science from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

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