New Route, Same Risks: Keystone XL Fails to Protect Nebraska

"It’s just the latest broken promise from TransCanada"

05-04-2012 // Miles Grant
Tar Sands destruction

TransCanada reapplied for a Presidential Permit to construct the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline today. The pipeline would carry up to 900,000 barrels a day of Alberta tar sands oil 1,700 miles to refineries on the Gulf Coast.

Jeremy Symons, senior vice president of the National Wildlife Federation, said today:

It’s hard to tell what’s really new about TransCanada’s application, which continues to threaten Nebraska’s iconic Sandhills and its critical Ogallala aquifer. It’s just the latest broken promise from TransCanada, which has threatened to seize Nebraskan lands by eminent domain and claimed its Keystone I pipeline would spill very rarely, then spilled 12 times in its first year of operation.

“The only thing this pipeline would guarantee is billions in annual profit for oil companies, while risking long-lasting damage to our waters and lands. That’s why oil companies have pushed so hard to have their allies in Congress take this decision out of the hands of safety regulators – they know if Keystone XL is judged fairly on its impacts on America’s land, water, wildlife and climate, it doesn’t stand a chance.”

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