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Coyote crossing highway

Coyote Nation

By Clara MacCarald

Once restricted to the continent's midsection, this adaptable predator now roams from coast to coast.

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Nature's Witness

snake river

Nature's Witnesses

Powerful images of wilderness can inspire conservation action. "Take a look," they say. "Then take a stand."

Science Sleuths

Meadow vole in winter

Probing the Hidden World of Snow

Beneath winter's white blanket lies a complex community of creatures for which snow means warmth and shelter.​


monarchs overwintering in mexico

Peril at Journey's End

Monarch butterflies face growing threats in their Mexican mountain sanctuaries.



Beyond Politics

The nation’s next administration and Congress should tackle our toughest conservation challenges — and leave a legacy for wildlife.

Shared Moment

Great Egret

An Egret Bound for the Heavens

A photographer captures a bird's angelic grace.

Animal Puzzler

sap-sucker insect

What is This?

Test your wildlife knowledge. Can you guess what animal this is?

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