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Yellow-throated warbler by David Seibel

Photo Story: Spring Jewel

By NWF Staff

A photographer’s stunning image of a spring bird and bloom highlights the importance of native trees to migratory songbirds as they move north.

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Birds and Birding Articles

Spring Birding

Painted Bunting by Howard Cheek

Top Spring Birding Spots

Six distinguished birders reveal their favorite places to watch birds during spring migration.

Garden for Birds

Carolina Chickadee by Doug Tallamy

Why Birds Need Native Trees

The Carolina chickadee is giving scientists a model to study the impact of nonnative trees on the food available for breeding birds.

New Research

Christine Sheppard American Bird Conservancy

Searching For Bird-safe Windows

With building collisions killing up to a billion birds a year, especially during spring and fall migration, scientists strive to make safer window glass.

Spring Migration

Ruby-throated hummingbird by William M. Heban

Migratory Marvels

Scientists tracking migratory birds are documenting surprising new records for distance and physical endurance.

Habitat Tips

Eastern Bluebird by Thomas McDowell

Choose the Right Nest Box

Spring is an ideal time to install birdhouses on your property.

Bird Photography

Summer Tanager by Richard Day

Backyard Photo Tips

If you are just getting started in wildlife photography, the birds that visit your backyard may be your best subjects.

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