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Top photographers share advice on everything from getting a sharper photo to photographing wildlife through a window

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Belted kingfisher preening by Nicholas Chill

One of the best ways to truly see the nature and wildlife that surrounds us is through the lens of a camera. Distant raptors, tiny insects, quiet landscapes: All that nature has to offer takes on a new meaning when viewed as a potential photograph.

Whether you've been toting your camera on hikes for years, love to photograph the birds at your backyard feeder or are just getting started, we have photo tips that will inspire you to get outside, camera in hand!

Keep checking back! We'll be adding many more tips over time.

Thistle by Rob Sheppard

Sharpness and Camera Movement

There's nothing more frustrating to a nature photographer than capturing a once-in-a-lifetime subject with a fuzzy, unsharp image. Photographer and blogger Rob Sheppard shares his tricks for bringing focus to your photos with Five Tips for Getting a Sharper Image and tips for Getting Sharp Pictures Like the Pros.

Grasshoppers on a stem by Rob Sheppard

Composition and Quality

Pro photographer Rob Sheppard points out some basic techniques to keep in mind, including how to situate a subject within your frame and when to use your flash, which will help enhance all of your nature photos. Check out Three Simple Steps to Better Composition in Your Photos and Making Better Nature Photos.

Hummingbird through window by Thuy Senser

Backyard Wildlife

What's easier than photographing nature in your own backyard? Photographing birds and other wildlife from inside your house! George H. Harrison gives tips and tricks on capturing natural-looking photographs in How to Photograph Nature Through a Window.

California poppy by Rob Sheppard


Ever taken a photograph of a perfect bloom, then realized the image was...underwhelming? Rob Sheppard offers Six Tips for Photographing Flowers that will help ensure your flower photos are as gorgeous as their subjects.

bee on a flower by Rob Sheppard


The secret to getting great photos of butterflies, bees and other bugs: Get close! Rob Sheppard tells you how in his Tips for Photographing Insects. 

Aster in prairie by Rob Sheppard

Wet Weather

Learn tricks for keeping your camera dry and how to work with the rain to produce interesting nature photos in Rob Sheppard's tips on Photographing When It's Wet.

Water Drop


Depending on your technique, images of water can be calm or exciting. Read our tips for photographing water.

Snowy trees by Rob Sheppard


Don't use cold weather as an excuse to stop getting outside with your camera! Read our 10 Tips for Winter Photography, then put on your gloves and get shooting.

running pheasant by Daniel Cox


In the air, in the water and on the ground, wild animals are often on the move. Photographer Daniel Cox tells us how he brings life and motion to wildlife photos in How to Make Your Still Images Move.

red eft by Rob Sheppard

Small Animals

In photography, as in life, bigger isn't always better. Rob Sheppard tells how (and why) we should be photographing the small creatures that surround us in Seven Tips for Photographing Small Animals.

moon and groats by Jim Kruger, istock


Whether you're camping under the stars or simply going for a moonlit walk, remember to bring along your camera and follow these tips for Photography at Night.

toddler with camera by Diana Diaconu


So you're outside with your kids, itching to use your camera. Why not get your children involved? Here are 11 Kids' Photo Tips to get your little ones started with nature photography.

 From Our Photo Contest Winners

National Wildlife cover Dec-Jan 2010

The story behind the cover: 2009 Photo Contest winner Bernie Friel describes the incredibly complicated set-up he used to make his winning image in How I Made the Cover of National Wildlife Magazine.

bathing cardinal by Robert Strickland

2009 Photo Contest winner Robert Strickland tells us how he transformed his Florida backyard into a haven for wildlife photography in How I Turned My Backyard into a Photozone.


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