Shared Moment: Raccoon Peekaboo

A photographer captures an image of a brave, young raccoon peering out from a large palm

03-27-2017 // Photograph by Hank Hearn

Young raccoon in Sago palm, Callawassie Island, South Carolina 

CALM AND CURIOUS, a young raccoon nestles in a sago palm on Callawassie Island, South Carolina—a National Wildlife Federation-certified Community Wildlife Habitat™. “I’d never seen anything like this,” says photographer Hank Hearn. The raccoon stayed about a week, occasionally leaving the palm to forage, then returning. “We never saw the mother, but this little guy didn’t seem scared,” says Hearn, who has a framed copy of the photo in his hallway. No doubt Ranger Rick (below) would approve.

Ranger Rick

Happy 50th!

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