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Offshore wind turbine

Trailbreaker Pipeline Fact Sheet
Stopping the dangerous and dirty New England tar sands Trailbreaker Pipeline project

New York Fact Sheet
The Northeast Regional Center releases a fact sheet detailing our work in New York.

Providing "Critical Paths" for Wildlife

We are spearheading efforts to make safe pathways for wildlife to cross roadways in Vermont's Worcester Mountains.

REPORT: Offshore Wind In The Atlantic
A look at the potential of Atlantic states to develop offshore wind resources to increase jobs, energy independence, clean air and wildlife protection. Download the full report (pdf) and the press teleconference (mp3)

Northeast Great Waters Coalition Fact Sheet (pdf)
Check out what the Northeast Great Waters Coalition is doing to protect and restore imperiled aquatic systems in the Northeast

Northeast Regional Office's Recent Program Accomplishments (pdf)
Since 1974, NWF's Northeast Regional Center has tackled the region's most important conservation issues. Find out more (pdf) >>

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