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Denver Zoo Launches New Pollinator Pathway!

Pollinator Pathway photo by Denver ZooHow do plants reproduce? Pollination! Eighty percent of wildflowers depend on pollinators and one out of every three bites of food that you eat comes from a pollinated plant. To highlight how birds, insects and plants work together to thrive, Denver Zoo will launch a new Pollinator Pathway made possible by Swingle on June 25th. This garden will provide food, shelter and a water source for birds and insects. With 2,500 square feet of new wildlife habitat, Denver Zoo is demonstrating how to create a garden to support bees, butterflies and birds in an urban setting. But why stop there! 

The National Wildlife Federation (NWF) is partnering with Denver Zoo to provide an opportunity for all zoo visitors to create their own wildlife habitats where they live. NWF’s Certified Wildlife Habitat program provides guidance and resources to create a wildlife-friendly garden in people’s yard, balcony or planter. With just a few short steps, Zoo visitors can create a beautiful garden at home that helps restore habitat for pollinators. There’s nothing like seeing animals at the Zoo, but this partnership between Denver Zoo and NWF gives people the chance to bring home their passion for wildlife and help pollinators in the process.



The National Wildlife Federation Rocky Mountain Regional Center Thanks the Supporters & Sponsors of Our First Wild For Wildlife Fundraising Event

We want to thank the following individuals, businesses and organizations who helped make the February 9th event at Ginn Mill a success! Thank you!!

The Ginn Mill
Charles Schwab
John Gale
Dvorak Expeditions
John Fielder
Rittner Realty
Kroenke Sports & Entertainment
Stephanie & Michael Billingsley
Level 3 Fitness
Andrew Gulliford
Deborah Frazier
Wild Birds Unlimited
Garrit Voggesser
King Soopers



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Camping Tips and Recipes!

Thousands of people across the country gather in backyards, neighborhoods, and communities on the fourth Saturday in June to experience the great outdoors at NWF's Great American Campout! This year's event was a huge success!

This annual fundraising event is designed to raise awareness of the health benefits of outdoor activity and support NWF's work to connect kids and nature.

Find out more! Visit year-round for camping tips, recipes and other activities to make your next campout an outdoor adventure!

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