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Achieving Resilience in Louisiana's Coastal Communities: Resources and Recommendations
The study’s results highlight the need for improved information about what current risks are for coastal Louisiana and how to reduce them.

Forestry Bioenergy in the Southeast United States: Implications for Wildlife Habitat and Biodiversity
Landmark study examines rapidly expanding forest biomass energy development in Southeastern U.S.

Counting Cover Crops
New National Wildlife Federation report provides overview, success stories of cover crop use in the United States today.

Clean Water Grows
Across the United States, 41,509 water bodies are considered too polluted to meet water quality standards. Read about six successful cover crop outreach efforts.

Restoring A Degraded Gulf of Mexico
A report examining the health of the Gulf’s wildlife and wetlands three years after the Deepwater Horizon blowout—and how we can use BP’s oil spill fines to restore the Gulf of Mexico.

The Dirt on Dirt
In our latest report, we'll reveal how getting down and dirty in the great outdoors--far from being a bad thing-- helps children lead happier, healthier lives.

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