Teaming With Wildlife

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Teaming With Wildlife (TWW) is a national coalition of more than 6,000 groups working together to prevent wildlife from becoming endangered.

 The Teaming With Wildlife Coalition includes:

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  • State fish and wildlife agencies
  • Wildlife biologists
  • Hunters and anglers
  • Birdwatchers
  • Hikers
  • Nature-based businesses and more

Together, coalition members work to increase funding for wildlife conservation and associated recreation and education in every state. The coalition is a major supporter of the State Wildlife Grants Program, which provides funding for State Wildlife Action Plans.

The National Wildlife Federation is a founding member of the coalition, sits on the national steering committee, and has engaged many of our state affiliates to be co-leads of their state TWW coalition.

Teaming with Wildlife


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Securing Wildlife Funding for Each State

With the support of the Teaming With Wildlife Coalition, Congress made an important decision to invest in wildlife and wildlife habitat by creating the State Wildlife Grants Program.

State Wildlife Grants provide federal money to all 50 states and six territories to implement state wildlife action plans and prevent wildlife from becoming endangered. Since the State Wildlife Grants program began, it has generated more than one billion dollars for wildlife conservation through federal grants and matching funds from states and private sources. Today, the Teaming With Wildlife Coalition is working to ensure continued investment in this important conservation program.

Keep up to date on the latest State Wildlife Grant news on the Teaming with Wildlife Coalition Website>>

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