2012 Annual Report
Download NWF’s 2012 Annual Report, complete with highlighted accomplishments, financial information and more.

2012 Annual Report

How did National Wildlife Federation protect wildlife in 2012? From passing historic legislation to creating innovative ways to connect kids with nature, NWF is taking a multi-faceted approach to addressing the threats facing our nation’s wildlife. Our Annual Report shares the stories behind some of 2012’s most important conservation victories — made possible by the generous support of our members and donors.

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2012: Reflecting on a Year of Conservation

Dear Friends of Wildlife,

Despite the economic uncertainty and precarious political climate that marked 2012, NWF has been able to achieve much success on behalf of America’s wildlife. Our efforts to restore genetically pure Yellowstone bison to their native habitat on tribal lands and our public commitment to get 10 million more children outside by 2015 are just two of the several important conservation victories highlighted in this year’s Annual Report.

Kids Learning Outside

With the support of our members, donors and partners we are influencing real change, but we know there is still much more that needs to be done.

Climate change is having profound effects on our ecosystems. Unless we act quickly, a destabilized climate will become a principle driver of species extinction. NWF is playing a critical role in efforts to reduce carbon pollution, stop the expansion of dirty fuels and expedite the deployment of clean-energy alternatives.

By leading the fight against climate change, protecting at-risk habitat and reconnecting kids with nature, we are working to keep the wild alive across America. And we are forever grateful to have you as our partner in this critically important fight. Thank you for standing with us.

Larry Schweiger in Venice, Louisiana

Larry Schweiger
President and CEO

Stephen Allinger, Chair of NWF Board of Directions

Stephen K. Allinger
Chairman of the Board

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