2013 Annual Report
Download NWF’s 2013 Annual Report, complete with highlighted accomplishments, financial information and more.

2013 Annual Report

How did National Wildlife Federation protect wildlife and the wild places they call home in 2013? From protecting our nation’s fragile waterways, to creating innovative ways to connect kids with nature, to combating the pollution that leads to climate change, NWF is taking a multi-faceted approach to addressing the threats facing our nation’s wildlife and their habitat. Our Annual Report shares the stories behind some of 2013’s most important conservation victories — so many of which were made possible by the generous support of our members and donors like you.

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2013: Working to Keep our World Wild

Dear Friends of Wildlife,

National Wildlife Federation’s mission is about securing a future for wildlife — a future made possible because of your efforts. As one of the largest and most influential environmental organizations dedicated to protecting America’s wildlife and wild spaces, our strength comes from your commitment.

While we continue to feel the effects of an economy that is slowly recovering, we hope that you, like us, remain optimistic. Even in an era of partisan politics, intense lobbying by special interests and continued cuts in federal conservation funding, we are also seeing true leadership emerge. There are still key decision-makers in the Administration and Congress that have proven they are willing to not just listen to our concerns, but act. And we at NWF will be heard.

Our enduring hope is in you, National Wildlife Federation members and supporters, and all who care about wildlife. Thank you for your generosity and commitment to keeping our world wild.

Deborah Spalding

Spalding Signature
Deborah Spalding
Chair, Board of Directors

Learn how you can help protect America’s wildlife and wild places at NWF.org/HowToHelp.

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