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National Wildlife Federation is America's conservation organization protecting wildlife for our children's future. At NWF, we envision a world where people work together to protect wildlife and are able to pass on abundant wildlife and wild places to our children.

NWF’s trademarks and logos are NWF intellectual property.  Employees, affiliates, and authorized licensees must follow these guidelines when using NWF's trademarks and logos. 

Logo Usage Guidelines

If you are authorized to use NWF’s logos, you must respect the following guidelines:

Do Not...

  • Crop or separate the type or emblem (unless you have special permission).
  • Distort the dimensions of the logo.
  • Tint the logo.
  • Alter the color (use PMS 343 Green).

Other considerations...

  • Preferred size: 1.25 inches tall or larger.
  • Minimum size: 0.75 inches tall.
  • Clear Space: Please try to incorporate clear space around the logo, preferably at a width of 33% of the height of the logo. This clear space does not have to be a white box.

Download NWF's Logo

NWF logo

For email please use the following logos:

For print please use the following logos:

For web please use the following logos:

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