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Everybody loves hunting for treasures, and nature has plenty to spare. Sammy especially loves scavenger hunts when even he can “read” the list of objects to find!


What you need

  • paper bags
  • computer to create the scavenger hunt list

What you do

  1. First, go on line and create the scavenger hunt list by cutting and pasting pictures on a piece of paper. Pick objects that can be found outdoors in your current season (Examples: moss, an acorn, a red leaf, a green leaf, a rock, a feather, a dandelion, etc.). Printing the list in color would be helpful.

  2. Now, off you go to a backyard, park, beach, or all around the block. Give your child a bag and the list.

  3. Happy hunting!

Some more fun hunting facts to share:

  • Most dogs hunt by smelling whatever they’re looking for. The moisture on their nose acts like glue that traps a smell so the dog can more easily take it in.

  • Some snakes hunt with by smelling too. But they smell with their tongues!

  • Hawks use their eyes to hunt, just like we do. But they can see much, much better than we can.


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