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Play Rainbow BINGO and Make a Recycled BINGO Card Holder
Observe colors around you with rainbow BINGO, and make a cool recycled BINGO card holder.
  • BINGO cards
  • 16 metal brads (optional, if making holder)
  • Corrugated cardboard (optional, if building holder) - approximately 10 inches by 13 inches - one per BINGO card holder
  • Clear sleeve for paper (optional, if making holder)
  • Color printer or crayons
  • Craft knife (optional, if making holder)
  • Masking tape (optional, if making holder)
  • Pencil
  • Push pin (optional, if making holder)
  • Red marker (optional, if making holder)
  • Ruler
Step 1
Print BINGO handouts

Here are BINGO playing cards with many colors you might see in nature:

They have the same colors, just randomly moved around.

You'll need to print this out on a color printer. If you don't have access to one, you could create a grid with the same dimensions and have your kids color them with crayons.

You can print these out and use them as-is, where you kids cross out the colors they find with a pencil or crayon. They might find it easier to cross out the items they find if you put the cards on a clipboard or book.

If you use crayons or pencils to cross out items, you only get one usage per sheet. So we came up with a handy-dandy BINGO card holder from recycled cardboard, that allows unlimited games. Continue with the following steps if you'd like to make your own.

Step 2
To make your reusable BINGO card holder, tape one of the car BINGO sheets on a piece of cardboard

Using your push pin, punch holes along the lines that separate your BINGO items. This is a great activity for a small child working on their fine motor skills.

Step 3
When you have finished punching around the squares, you should have a grid on your cardboard
Use a pencil to draw lines on either side of the grid to create windows.
Step 4
Use your craft knife to cut out windows in the cardboard
Make sure the sides of the windows are wide enough so they don't easily rip.
Step 5
Take the pieces of cardboard you have cut out and make them into slender rectangles
Use a seam ripper or your pencil to punch a small hole in each one. Put a corresponding hole above each window in your holder. Push a metal brad through the rectangle and then attach it above the window.
Step 6
Tape down the sharp ends of the brad to the cardboard
This ensures they don't fall out or create sharp ends.
Step 7
Tape the transparent sleeve on to the back of the holder
Slide in your first BINGO sheet and make sure you can see all the items through your windows.
Step 8
Use a red marker to draw stars on each of the rectangles

This makes it stand out more when playing BINGO.

Now obviously, you'll need to make one holder per player, because it's not much fun playing BINGO all by yourself!

Step 9
Bring your new BINGO holders and sheets on your next car trip

Also, check out our Car BINGO activity for a different set of sheets to slide in your holders. These are great for long car trips!


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