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Engaging communities, youth, organizations, and industry in designing and implementing equitable and inclusive climate solutions.


The Climate Equity Collaborative™ (CEC) is a public-private partnership that engages nontraditional partners in climate innovation and climate action. Our aim is to engage at the system-level by centering our initiatives on climate education, children’s environmental health, environmental justice, and to construct more on-ramps to the global climate conversation by building impactful partnerships.

While the problems stemming from climate inequity are vast, the CEC is focused on opportunities for children (K-12), college-aged and pre-career youth from underserved groups which are not sufficiently engaged and historically under-resourced in the climate conversation, STEM learning, public health decision-making, and job opportunities.

We assist our corporate partners to build programs which address net-zero commitments; future workforce needs; environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG); and equity in our changing global climate.