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Your 2020 Voter's Guide

The 2020 election is the most pivotal election of our lifetimes.

From the president race to local elections, the issues that impact wildlife, clean air and water, the changing climate, and our outdoor heritage hang in the balance.

Your vote matters. Conservation issues are on the ballot, and it is up to all of us to stand up for the places, wildlife and communities we cherish and want to see protected for generations.


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Each ballot cast in an election can have lasting impact on our nation’s health, environment and frontline communities.


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Climate Change
Climate change is accelerating the extinction crisis by altering migration patterns, compromising habitat quality and availability and introducing new interspecies conflicts, diseases and invasive species.

Environmental Justice
We must improve air and water quality in communities impacted by the most pollution and target clean energy development in communities of color and vulnerable communities.

Clean Water
To protect clean water, we must safeguard our wetlands and drinking water.

Wildlife Populations
Congress needs to create, update and fund wildlife laws, oversee their implementation and defend them against attacks that seek to weaken protections, starting with passing the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act.

Public Lands
We need local, state, tribal and national leaders to help keep public lands in public hands. These national parks, monuments, forest, wildlife refuges, and grasslands provide vital habitat and protect sacred grounds for Tribal Nations.

The Federation encourages you to talk to candidates about their proposed solutions to these problems. We also ask that you vote and do what you can to ensure all ballots are counted. A democracy depends on the engagement of its citizens, and this November, the stakes could not be higher.

Whether you cast your ballots by mail, through an election drop box, or safely in person, You will help decide who will lead the nation out of a pandemic and guide us in addressing the conservation challenges we face. You will elect leaders to confront the wildlife crisis, act on the climate crisis, and prioritize environmental justice. You will help protect clean water and restore our public lands.

You can make all the difference.

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