Help Protect Bighorn Sheep from Deadly Disease
Through our Adopt a Wildlife Acre program, we can purchase domestic sheep grazing allotments that border bighorn sheep habitat, and retire these lands from grazing by domestic animals.

Our Work: Protecting Wildlife, Inspiring Future Generations

As in nature, we have strength in numbers. National Wildlife Federation works closely with those who span the social and political spectrum, but who are connected by a common commitment to conservation. Our ability to meet the needs of wildlife is inextricably linked to the amazing individuals, groups, organizations and corporations we call our supporters. Together, we form a pack, leveraging our influence to safeguard America’s wildlife and wild places.

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Moose and her calf

How NWF Protects Wildlife

Mississippi Sandhill Crane

Our Work Helping Habitat

Arctic fox

Confronting Climate Change


Advocating for Conservation

Family hike

How We Connect Kids and Nature

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