Current Wildlife Acre Allotments

Bighorn Sheep

Through our Adopt a Wildlife Acre program, National Wildlife Federation is currently working to secure 12,000 acres of wildlife habitat in the Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest in southwestern Montana by purchasing acres of the Bear Canyon and Indian Creek grazing allotments.

What Wildlife Species Does This Allotment Help?

  • Bighorn sheep
  • Trout
  • Grizzlies
  • Wolves

What's the Conflict?

For the last several decades, the Forest Service has permitted domestic sheep (1,200 ewes and lambs) to use these areas in the summer. The conflict arises because domestic sheep are known to transmit diseases to bighorn sheep that can result in dramatic die-offs of the wild sheep. 

Bighorn sheep were introduced to the Tendoys in 1984, the brood stock coming from the well-known Rock Creek herd near Missoula. The herd thrived for its first decade, but then experienced a die-off in 1993 that killed 75% of the herd (which then numbered close to 100). The herd began to build back up again, only to experience another devastating reduction in 1999, when 75% of the herd was again lost to disease.

The bighorn sheep herd adjacent to Indian Creek , which lives part of the year in Idaho, has also experienced die-offs, but not as severe as Bear Canyon.

How You Can Help!

We need your help to retire this critical acreage! Retirement of these domestic sheep allotments is important for enhancing trout habitat and rebuilding a wildlife corridor between the Greater Yellowstone and Salmon Selway ecosystems.

Removing domestic sheep will allow riparian vegetation to flourish, which will improve water quality and cool streams during Montana’s hot summers. The end of sheep grazing and the wildlife conflicts they create will also allow large carnivores such as grizzly bears and wolves to move more freely across the mountain ranges between Montana and Idaho.

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Bear Canyon and Indian Creek Allotments

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