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Erin Farris-Olsen

Erin Farris-Olsen

Erin Farris-Olsen

Regional Executive Director

Northern Rockies, Prairies, and Pacific Regional Center

Erin is passionate about her role in decolonizing conservation in the United States. Prior to joining the National Wildlife Federation, Erin worked on place and community-based conservation initiatives in the West and internationally. As a graduate of Carroll College and the University of Oregon School of Law, Erin has over 15 years of experience working on numerous conservation and social justice initiatives in Liberia, Belize and Montana. Erin’s work has focused on the intersection of community health and conservation because durable conservation is achieved when solutions are developed and championed by the people deeply connected to the land.

Born and raised in Oregon, Farris-Olsen has considered Helena, MT, her chosen home for nearly 20 years. Erin is an avid outdoorswoman, proud mother and elected council member of the Brothertown Indian Nation.

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