Who We Are

Climate Equity Collaborative Logo

The Problem

Why does climate equity matter?

The impacts of climate change are indiscriminate, but the burden is and has been disproportionate, affecting those who have been historically unseen, unheard, and under-resourced in climate change and climate health decision-making.

The Mission

What actions will the Climate Equity Collaborative take?

The CEC is a public-private partnership that will engage underserved communities, in accelerating climate planning, bold transformative initiatives, and development efforts. We will achieve this, in part by convening partners and stakeholders from communities, nonprofits, businesses, and governments and centering the voices of youth and those who have not been traditionally engaged in these conversations.

The Vision

What will this coalition do and consistently deliver?

With a focus on the most vulnerable communities and children, the Climate Equity Collaborative (CEC) will harness existing and new resources to develop a unique and collaborative approach to transform the way communities learn and act on climate issues—centering climate education, children’s health, environmental justice, and technology.