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October-November 2018

National Wildlife® // October-November 2018 Issue

Up Against a Wall

New barriers along the U.S.–Mexico border would threaten scores o...

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Breaking the Prairie

Wildlife habitat in the Prairie Pothole Region is falling to the ...

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Control Pests Without Collateral Damage

Rodenticides kill countless nontarget creatures, from wild cats t...

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President’s View: Rethinking Harmful Policies

Reforming the Renewable Fuel Standard and promoting better border...

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La Visión Del Presidente: Replanteando Políticas Nocivas

Reformando el Estándar de Combustibles Renovables (Renewable Fuel...

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Working for Wildlife

Protecting Migratory Birds, New Mexico Affiliate, Green Ribbon Sc...

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Power Play

Humans are hardly the only animals in which males use aggression—...

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Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

Buggy housemates are ubiquitous, diverse and here to stay.

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News of the Wild

Singing bowhead whales, declining urban trees and a spider with t...

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How to Make Backyard Bats Feel at Home

Provide food, water and roosting sites to help these important bu...

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Nature’s Witness: Triple Charm

Three bobcat kittens lounge in a treetop, waiting for mom.

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Shared Moment: Balancing Act

A leafcutter ant's tireless work

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