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You may decide to incorporate an educational activity for children or youth during your event or encourage an activity at home. Download our Trees for Wildlife Event Planning Guide to find a variety of creative and scientific activities that can be adapted for people of all ages.

Example Activity from the Trees for Wildlife™ Event Planning Guide

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Find and select a special tree in your backyard or a nearby park or forest.

  • Sit below your tree, close your eyes and listen. How many sounds can you hear? Is the wind blowing? Do you hear birds?
  • Photograph or sketch your tree through the seasons.
  • Lie beneath your tree and look up through its branches. What do you observe from this angle?
  • Visit your tree often and at different times of the day.
  • Write the date and an observation on the back or your adoption card or in a notebook each time you visit or provide care for your tree. Has your tree changed since your last visit? Do you see any signs of animals? What’s happening around your tree?

You can also visit NWF’s Green Hour for 15-30 minute nature-based play and family-friendly activities that are sure to get youth engaged in outdoor exploration!

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