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Hunters and anglers have been the primary funders of wildlife conservation since the beginning of the conservation movement, through license fees and excise taxes on equipment like ammunition.

What we’ve learned in the past few decades, though, is that lead ammunition and tackle can poison non-target species like bald eagles scavenging gut piles and common loons ingesting lost lead sinkers. Additionally, lead fragments can be found in game meat that hunters bring home to their families. 

By choosing to adopt lead-free alternatives, hunters and anglers can ensure cleaner wild game and fewer impacts on nongame wildlife. Today’s non-toxic ammunition and tackle are high performance alternatives to lead that are reliable, accurate, and affordable. A growing number of sportsmen and women are already switching to non-lead alternatives in the field. The National Wildlife Federation is working with hunters and anglers across the country to get the word out about these safe and effective alternatives to lead shot, bullets, and tackle.  


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