The National Wildlife Federation is one of America’s oldest and most respected hunting and angling conservation organizations. From our founding in 1936 to present day we have worked to safeguard fish, wildlife, and their habitats to ensure that our sporting traditions remain strong now and into the future. Comprised of 52 state and territorial affiliates, we are a true federation that authentically represents conservation interests across the country. From protecting our public lands legacy and teaching effective conservation advocacy to taking our voice to Capitol Hill and engaging in local and state-level politics, the National Wildlife Federation is the most effective and enduring voice for America’s sporting community.

Together with our affiliates, the National Wildlife Federation has shaped the conservation movement in indelible ways that have protected our sporting heritage at every historical turn and challenging twist. 

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The NWF Outdoors Podcast explores the most important conservation issues and the people who do the hard work to safeguard our fish, wildlife, lands, and waters. Hosted by Aaron Kindle and Drew YoungeDyke