Ecodemia: Campus Environmental Stewardship at the Turn of the 21st Century

  • Julian Keniry; preface by Jay D. Hair and foreword by David Orr
  • Jan 01, 1995

Lessons in Smart Management from Administrators, Staff, and Students

At campuses around the country, staff, administrators, faculty, and students are redesigning the basic principles on which their institutions operate from day to day. The winners in this transformation are the global environment, local communities, campus morale, and the institutions' fiscal bottom-line. The National Wildlife Federation's Campus Ecology Program documented these management innovations in a comprehensive new book based on extensive interviews with the people behind the green practices.

Ecodemia includes:

  • A detailed portrait of environmental responsibility as envisioned and practiced by colleges and universities nationwide
  • Chapters on virtually every facet of campus operations, including procurement, dining services, landscaping, and energy
  • Case studies and individual profiles of administrators, staff, faculty, and students who have transformed their own work and changed their institutions
  • Project histories, including pitfalls to avoid, as well as steps to success
  • Quotes that reveal the nuts and bolts of campus change and show how environmental careers are really made
  • Countless examples that debunk the myth of stodgy administrators behind closed doors and show how students, faculty, and staff are working together—with incredible results

Chapters Include:

Chapter 1: University Purchasing and Campus Stores, pages 21-40
Chapter 2: Landscaping and Grounds, pages 41-58
Chapter 3: Transportation, Parking, and Fleet Maintenance, pages 59-74
Chapter 4: Energy and Utilities, pages 75-100
Chapter 5: Dining Services, pages 101-128
Chapter 6: Communication Services: Office Equipment and Printing, pages 129-150
Chapter 7: Solid Waste Management, pages 151-174
Chapter 8: Hazardous Waste Minimization, pages 175-202
Chapter 9: Evaluating Campus Stewardship Programs, pages 203-228

Ecodemia: Campus Environmental Stewardship at the Turn of the 21st Century


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