Field Guide to North American Wildlife Spotlights 12 Species Through Captivating, In-Depth Courses

RESTON, Va. — National Wildlife Federation Naturalist, David Mizejewski has partnered with Wondrium to host a 12-part online series called “Field Guide to North American Wildlife.” The series dives into uncovering the lives of 12 animal species found throughout North America.  

“David brings a charisma and passion to the screen that makes it feel like you’re there with each of these species. This series gives audiences near and far the opportunity to better understand and connect with wildlife right from home,” said Jason Smigel, senior vice president of content development at Wondrium. “We’re excited about the partnership with National Wildlife Federation, the resulting series provides audiences with fun and practical lessons to better understand and connect with wildlife and the world around us.” 

“I’m incredibly excited to introduce viewers to some of North America’s most fascinating wildlife with Wondrium. As National Wildlife Federation’s naturalist, my goal in this series is to interpret the natural history, adaptations and surprising behaviors of wildlife in a way that’s not only entertaining but that inspires people to get involved in conservation efforts," said David Mizejewski. 

Audiences will meet a two-foot long salamander that breathes through its skin; follow a single monarch butterfly on its astounding 3,000-mile journey from southern Canada to central Mexico; discover how black bears may offer key insights into human health, and more. Each lecture is a chance to experience the beauty and wonder of an incredible animal and to learn why safeguarding its future is our responsibility.

“Wildlife big and small are all around us. Whether you live in the rural country or a bustling city, it’s everywhere. Wondrium and the Field Guide to North American Wildlife give opportunities to get up close and personal right from home,” said Krista Newberry, head of licensing and partnerships for the National Wildlife Federation. “Wondrium expertly brings wildlife right to the screens of anyone interested in learning more about the species in their own backyards. We hope this series helps audiences of all ages understand just how complex wildlife are under the surface and our role in protecting them.”

The online lecture series will be available on the Wondrium and The Great Courses websites on November 24, 2023. Interested viewers can also access Wondrium on Android, iOS, Apple TV, Roku and FireTV.





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