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Tracy Stone-Manning, NWF.

Hunters and Anglers Applaud the Nomination of Tracy Stone-Manning to Lead the Bureau of Land Management

two hunters overlooking a valley

Pūlama Lāna‘i Hunting Experience

Ohio Conservation Federation, National Wildlife Federation Recognize Ohio Gov. DeWine with Fish and Wildlife Champion Award

Gov. DeWine has restored professional management to the Ohio DNR, increased public land access, and supported the Recovering America's Wildlife Act

Sharp-tailed Shangri-la, Saved by Steel Shot

A sharp-tailed grouse hunt highlights the importance on nonlead shot

Luke Petersen: Living a Land Ethic

Staff Profile: Luke Petersen learned his land ethic hunting on his family's farm.

Leaving Lead Behind

North Dakota Wildlife Federation executive director John Bradley makes the case for switching to nonlead ammunition and fishing tackle.

Ashley Chance: Catching Deer and Creating Conservationists

Staff Profile: Artemis's Ashley Chance is converting her experience hunting deer and studying them as a biologist into creating a community of conservationists.

The World Needs a Deer Camp

The things we seek at Deer Camp could help us all

Marc Smith: The Great Lakes Side of the Mountain

Staff Profile: Marc Smith grew up exploring Virginia's outdoors but found a home in the Great Lakes.

A New Film Shows the National Impact of Invasive Asian Carp

Against the Current shows the impacts and threats to fisheries from the Great Lakes to Kentucky Lake

A Hunter’s Retrospective – The many trails of a hunter’s journey

There are many ways to learn to hunt new species

Lew Carpenter: How Hunting Made a Conservationist

Lew Carpenter wouldn't be a conservationist without hunting

Timeless Tackle in Turbulent Times

Sometimes the old ways still work.

Nonlead Options for Fall Hunting and Fishing

Switching to nonlead ammunition and fishing tackle ensures cleaner meat and reduces the impact on non-target wildlife

Zach Cockrum: A Line on the Water

Staff Profile: Zach Cockrum has a fly rod in hand and line on the water wherever he goes

Keith Ward: Living with the Land

Staff Profile: Keith Ward didn't grow up learning how to just live off the land... he learned how to live with it.

How To Explore the Boundary Waters During a Pandemic... with the Family

NWF Director of Conservation Partnerships Jason Dinsmore offers practical advice for taking the family to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area

Jason Dinsmore: Passing It On

Staff Profile: Jason Dinsmore shares his love of hunting and passion for conservation with new hunters

Naomi Alhadeff: Gardens, Guns, and Wild Game

Staff Profile: Naomi Alhadeff is a vegetarian-turned-hunter who connects people with wildlife through NWF's Garden for Wildlife program.

When You Can't Eat the Fish

A new National Wildlife Federation affiliate resolutions addresses PFAS chemicals causing game and fish consumption advisories and polluting drinking water.

Jeremy Romero: Conservation Connections

Staff Profile: Jeremy Romero draws upon his hunting roots to provide wildlife with connected habitat corridors

Staff Profile | David Willms: Bridging Divides

David Willms turned his passion for hunting into a conservation career built on bridging different sides of complex issues.

Fishing for Responsible Recreation and Public Access

Americans are taking to the outdoors for our recovery - the Great American Outdoors Act and #responsiblerecreation can help

Erin Willhoft: Saving a Vanishing Paradise

Staff Profile: Erin Willhoft's passion for hunting and fishing in her native Louisiana led to her work with NWF's Vanishing Paradise program

Asian carp jumping at Barkley Dam. Photo courtesy of the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources.

National Plans to Stop Asian Carp Advance in the Senate

Efforts to stop Asian carp advanced last week in the Senate Environmental and Public Works Committee as it approved the America’s Water Infrastructure Act of 2020, which includes both authorization of the plan to rebuild the Brandon Road Lock and Dam in Illinois to block the advance of Asian carp toward the Great Lakes, and funding for a pilot project to reduce their populations and block their further advance in the Mississippi River basin and its tributaries.

Northwoods Unleaded: NWF, Artemis release film about hunting and fishing with nonlead ammunition and tackle

Hunters and anglers from multiple conservation groups gathered in the Northwoods last fall for a nonlead cast and blast

5 Ways Hunters and Anglers Can Stay Home and Stay Safe

There's plenty to do to prepare for future adventures while we mitigate the spread of COVID-19 by staying home

Hunting squirrels on public land using nonlead copper ammunition.

Social Distancing with Outdoor Recreation on Public Land

Where open, public lands can help us through the COVID-19 lockdown only if we practice social distancing.

NWF Partners with the Wild Harvest Initiative to Promote Wild Food and Conservation

The harvest of wild foods is yet another reason to protect wildlands.

Tennessee Wildlife Federation

A Legacy of Conserving Some of America’s Greatest Outdoor Spaces

Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander has long been a conservation champion for our state.

Investing in Our Public Lands, Waters and Sporting Heritage

These sportsmen and women make it their mission to leave these lands in better condition than when they found them.

Michigan Legislature Risks Faster Spread of CWD and Undermines Scientific Wildlife Management with Baiting Bill

Politicians in Michigan are trying to override wildlife biologists' efforts to contain the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease

The Decker Fire near Salida, Colorado the morning the author was evacuated. Credit: Joe Randall

Elk, Smoke, Heat, and a New Reality

A hunter's personal account of lost opportunity in a new climate reality

Ruffed grouse hunters successful using nontoxic shot

Grouse Range and Hunting Opportunities Vulnerable to Warming Conditions

With ruffed grouse and sage grouse habitat already diminishing, climate change could significantly reduce their range.

man holding a fish in a boat

Climate Change Impacting Fishing Across the Country

Anglers across the country are seeing that climate change isn’t just a future threat to fishing: it’s a current impact.

fish in hand

Hunters and Anglers Love Wildlife, Even the Ones We Don’t Hunt or Fish

Aaron Kindle, a lifelong Westerner and senior manager for Western sporting campaigns, shares what inspires his love for the outdoors—and how we can all step up to help to protect it.

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a group of sockeye salmon

Stop Pebble Mine

Help save the largest wild sockeye salmon run in the world: Tell the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to stop the Pebble Mine in the Bristol Bay watershed.

Hunter in woods

Federation Events

Join the National Wildlife Federation and our affiliates across the country in supporting our public lands, wildlife, and sporting heritage.