Let's Get Outside!

Reduce risk of disease and improve health during COVID-19—and beyond

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the urgent need to provide healthy child care settings where young children and providers can be safe so parents can get back to work. The potential reduction in COVID-19 transmission and the mental and physical health benefits of regular time outside shine a light on the opportunity to improve and frequently use outdoor play environments as a critical tool supporting healthy child care.

This is a moment when child care providers and regulators can foster best practices that will improve and activate outdoor spaces as a healthy strategy during the pandemic – and beyond. Supported by the George B. Storer Foundation, the National Wildlife Federation’s Early Childhood Health Outdoors (ECHO) program and North Carolina State University’s Natural Learning Initiative (NLI) have produced the following resources for child care providers and regulators to inspire action that can improve the health of our youngest children.

Follow these links to learn more:
• LET'S GET OUTSIDE! Suggestions for child care providers
• ¡VAYAMOS AFUERA! Para proveedores de cuidado infantil
• LET'S GET OUTSIDE! Considerations for child care regulatory administrators
• LET'S GET OUTSIDE! The case for spending time outside with young children during COVID-19—and beyond
¡VAYAMOS AFUERA! El argumento a favor de pasar tiempo al aire libre con niños pequeños

Coming Soon!:
• A Review of Outdoor Child Care COVID-19 Regulations

For more information, contact us at echo@nwf.org.

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