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How-to videos for the EcoSchools Certification Application (ECA) (formerly the dashboard)

How to Register a New User in the ECA

How to Create and Manage Your Action Plan in the ECA

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These professional development resources have been curated to help educators build their content knowledge, integrate the most up-to-date and relevant environmental education resources and hone their classroom skills and abilities. See upcoming training opportunities and discover webinars and other environmental education resources from around the country.

Other Professional Learning Opportunities


Upcoming Conference and Cohorts

Green Schools Conference, March 5-7, 2024, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Green Schools Conference 2024. All the latest green school innovations will be discussed at the Green Schools Conference March 5-7, 2024 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Register to join this passionate group of educators & advocates to learn and share.

Worldwide Climate and Justice Education Week | April 1-8, 2024
Participate in a global movement by Making Climate a Class or Event during Worldwide Climate and Justice Education Week.

Global Action Days - Let's Get Climate Ready
Mark your calendar to join this global event April 22-29, 2024.

The Outdoor Learning Virtual Workshop Seasonal Series
Free, virtual workshops in January/February 2024.